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Our mission is to represent the owners as a group, and to collect the wisdom of the pilots and owners of the Diamond Aircraft. There are times the group will have different interests, so we will not always be able to be an effective advocate for any particular portion of the group, or any individual. We provide a forum for discussion and work to keep its tone civilized and polite.


Registration to the web forums is free with your membership. We do insist that you abide by the rules and policies detailed below. We hope that you agree that what we are seeking is nothing more than common courtesy and respectful use of our forum as a resource. If this purpose meets your need, we are pleased to have you on board and look forward to your participation. If you agree to the terms, please check the ‘I agree’ check box and press the ‘Register’ button on the registration page.
Rules apply to all of the following, unless otherwise specified:
 posts
 signatures
 profiles
 private messages (PM)
 email sent via the forum
1. Who can post here?
Any member is welcome to post on topics of interest to Diamond Aviators. The DAA reserves the right to disable the board, limit access to the board, ban users, and edit or delete topics and posts at the discretion of our moderators in the interest of the organization or its members.
2. Can I hide my real identity?
No. We want this to be a forum for bringing a sense of community to all our members. We require members to post their user names in the format of first and last name as you would in most social settings. This allows members to address and recognize other members and to build a relationship that will enable us to recognize each other when attending our fly-ins, meets and seminars. If you are going to use an avatar it should be a photograph of yourself, preferably in an aviation context.
3. You are responsible
You are responsible for what you post, and what you read. All posts made are the opinions and views of the author and not necessarily those of Diamond Aviators Association. The DAA and Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) are not responsible for the veracity or validity of any information posted here, nor do we vouch for the authenticity or the identity of any of the posters (although we try as best we can). The DAA and its representatives will not be held liable for any information or message posted to any discussion forum and disclaims all liability resulting from any action or inaction taken as a result of reading or posting a message in any discussion forum.
4. No advertising
Advertisements for products or services are prohibited. Posters may be banned for repeated or egregious violations. Exceptions: Affiliate links are acceptable when recommendations are on-topic. By virtue of hosting this forum for our members, the DAA may from time to time advertise items intended to benefit the DAA, its projects, or its corporate members.
5. Stay on-topic
Post in the appropriate forum and remain on-topic. Start a new topic if you wish to introduce a new subject. Follow-ups should usually be posted to the original topic. Ignore posting errors and duplicate posts, a moderator will usually fix them shortly. The Diamond Aviators Forum is for discussion of Diamond aircraft and aviation. Virus warnings, urban legends, world events, criticism of our organization all are off topic unless aviation is somehow involved. As a practical matter, more leeway is allowed within a topic for ‘drift’ than in new threads which are obviously off-topic.
6. Be original
Diamond Aviators Forum is for discussion and your contributions should be specific to this forum. Do not cut-and-paste lengthy messages from other websites or lists. If you want to use a lengthy article elsewhere as the basis of discussion that is fine - simply link to it - quoting a paragraph or two for context is fine. There is also a wiki which is more appropriate for that sort of long form content. Note: if you ever receive an email urging you to post something to every source you know, absolutely do not post it to the DAA Forums. If you wrote any posts on a previous web forum about Diamond aircraft you are agreeing to allow the DAA to possibly publish those posts here on their site. That’s not a big deal, you retain the copyright to the posts and you’re just allowing us to publish them in a similar format here.
7. Be civil
Be civil in all of your posts and refrain from using inflammatory language or expletives. Moderators will determine what is inflammatory using their own judgment, without direction from or appeal to the DAA, its officers, employees or board.
8. Don’t monopolize the board
We encourage you to participate actively, enthusiastically, and frequently. However, for reasons of bandwidth, disk space, and encouraging participation by the broadest audience possible, we ask that you voluntarily limit your postings to relevant discussion within any given topic or conversation that you participate in. You are welcome to participate in as many different conversations as you have interest in but one line posts for the sake of seeing your name in print will be removed.
9. No Shouting
DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please mind your CapsLock key and do not use excessive punctuation or smilies.
10. Avoid hot-linking images
It is generally a poor idea to link to remote images without permission from the remote site owner. If the owner replaces the image without your knowledge, your post could inadvertently become very inappropriate. It is perfectly OK to link to images hosted on your own site, or on sites where you pay the cost of bandwidth. If you don’t have your own site there are free image hosting services. Do not use images posted by Members on this site for commercial purposes without permission of the owner of the images.
11. Keep signatures short and to the point.
In the interest of controlling bandwidth and enhancing readability, extravagant or distracting signatures are strongly discouraged. The forum provides a robust profile capability for contact information and personalization. Use of corporate titles or webpage links in signatures by members that are not corporate members of the DAA shall be only done by permission of the moderator.
We recommend your signature contain the following information (and you can see this modeled by other members) on these lines:
1. Your name and Pilot qualifications.
2. The tail number of the Diamond you fly (and serial number).
3. Your home airport or location.
4. A personal web page link (non-commercial
site only).
Ultimately, all of this information will be in your user profile and we will implement a system which creates your signature automatically. Until we have that running, you can follow these guidelines. We may edit your signature a little so that it conforms.
12. Fraud is a crime
Impersonation of others is a criminal fraudulent act. Individuals who choose to do this will be banned and their Internet service provider may be contacted (it is probably a violation of your Terms of Service with your ISP to represent yourself as someone else online).
13. Posts that may be edited, deleted, and can get you banned:
 Posts containing offensive racial, gender, sexual preference, religious, political, or nationality-bashing language.
 Any post containing language that is offensive in a public, family-oriented context.
 Links to inappropriate content.
 Personal attacks on other members. Comment on ideas, not people.
 Flame bait. In other words: inflammatory messages posted with an intent to provoke emotional responses. This is not to be confused with a sincerely held belief or opinion that differs from the norm and is expressed in a meaningful and congenial way.
 Repeated posting of the same or similar messages, and “bumping” a topic more than once.
 Any post that violates the letter or spirit of any item described in this list, in these guidelines, or in any announcement or pinned topic posted by a board administrator or moderator.
14. By posting, you agree…
By posting to this discussion board, you agree to be bound by these rules. There shall be no refund of membership dues in the event a poster is banned from the forums or has content edited or deleted. DAA member participation in these forums shall be guided by a high moral standard and our code of ethics. In other words, your participation should reflect positively on the aviation community.

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