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We are a community of aviators who fly, or would like to fly, Diamond aircraft. We have a mission. We have the endorsement of the company who built our aircraft.Initially, in July 2007, we were founded by six aviators: Phil Cox, Nigel McGrath, Dale McCall, Graham Gurney and Mike Rigg. We acquired The Diamond Aircraft Pilots and Owners Association (DAPO) in October of 2007 and merged with that group including keeping all the posts from the DAPO site now on our forums to give us combined knowledge of our community since January of 2005! You can find out more about our members on the site. Each of our founders is a Diamond aircraft owner and is enthusiastic about how a community can increase their enjoyment of the plane. The dedication in the formation of the organization and willingness to devote time to the effort has made the DAA a sucess. We encourage any members that would be willing to provide marketing and organizing assistance with DAA to contact us so that the growing membership is properly represented in the aviation community.


Q: Do you receive support from Diamond Aircraft Industries?A: We do not receive any sponsorship directly from DAI, but we are endorsed by and work closely with the company to get their information to the aviators and knowledge of flying the fleet back to them. We provide a connection to factory support with member advocacy.Q: I am a corporation that is interested in having my product or service advertised on your site. Who should I contact?A: We are currently in the process of developing a sales and marketing strategy for our site and magazine. Please send email to DiamondAviator@cox.net and we will have our marketing department contact you.Q: Why am I a junior member?A: We didn’t like being junior members, either. The software defaults to that when you register and we hurry to remove it. We encourage all new members to post discussions about Aviation and Diamond Aircraft.

Home - Legal disclaimer - A guide for members - About us